Thank you for visiting Angler’s Reproduction Trophies, LLC. Browse these pages to see the types of fish mounts and the novelty products available.

Angler’s Reproduction Trophies, LLC (ART) supports and encourages catch and release. Today’s high quality fish replicas allow the angler to release that trophy fish and have a very realistic trophy mount to forever commemorate that lifetime catch.

Skin mounts will deteriorate over the years. The skin and fins become brittle and often break. The skin has a tendency to shrink and the paint fades and discolors. While these are all good reasons to select a reproduction mount over a skin mount, they are also the reasons many anglers eventually replace their old skin mounts with reproduction mounts.

While the largest percentage of mounts we do are fresh water mounts, we do other mounts as well. Please inquire if you desire a mount of a different
species or do not see a photo of the fresh water species you want.

If you decide to get a replica mount, simply provide us with the length and girth of your trophy catch. While the weight and a picture would be helpful,they are not required.

The cost of our mounts will vary based on the style of mount and the way you decide to have your fish mounted. Some anglers like the fish mounted on a wooden plaque while most want a driftwood mount. Many want their mount accented with lilies, grass, and/or a bait fish. Base mounts are another option.

Homer Humphreys

As a professional bass fisherman for over 38 years and a Bass Master Classic qualifier, I have seen many fish mounts. Angler’s Reproduction Trophies, L.L.C. is the only fish mount studio that I recommend to my clients and friends. I do so because of the quality fish blanks they use and their detailed art work. My clients and friends have always been satisfield with their mounts.

Thier prices are reasonable, and they offer a variety of mount options.

Angler's Reproduction Trophies, L.L.C. only does reproduction mounts. They do not do skin mounts because they share my support of "Catch and Release" to protect the species for our children and grandchildren.